Annual Membership Dues:         $25.00

Neighborhoods who are members of UNOE gain the following:

Membership Benefits

  • Technical assistance from the UNOE staff and Board members
  • Assistance with Neighborhood Association projects and programs
  • Research, program ideas, and association development
  • Neighborhood Association page on the UNOE website
  • Computer and work station for individual Neighborhood Association use (design newsletters, postcards, flyers, etc., research, and the like) and support for writing newsletters
  • Printing of your association newsletters at a reduced cost and use of our mailing services and bulk permit
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Automatic access to City and County activities that affect your neighborhood
  • Natural forum for neighborhood development
  • Opportunity to be represented on City neighborhood committees
  • The strength of numbers

Membership Responsibilities

  • Two Official Representatives to attend monthly General Meeting, including voting privileges on behalf of the Neighborhood Association
  • One Representative from the neighborhood serves on one or more of the standing/working committees of their choice
  • Payment of annual dues


It is important that all your Neighborhood Association data be up-to-date, including your Officers and UNOE Representatives (even if your elections are later in the year).  Your help in that effort is important.
If your Neighborhood Association attended the Sparkplug Recognition Banquet last year, see the instructions letter in the packet about a grant that covers your Membership Dues for the following year.

Download & Complete the 2023 Membership Application

Additional Documents:

2023 Membership Packet Letter

2023 DMD Registration Letter

2023 Meeting Schedule

Forms to Complete & Submit (in packet)

2022 Neighborhood Application
Once UNOE processes your form, an electronic copy will be submitted to the City. For those Neighborhoods who are also in the County, we will submit a copy to the County as well.

2022 Additional Newsletter Recipients Form
Please only add those members who are not noted on the Application. All Officers and UNOE Representatives automatically are sent the UNOE newsletter. This form is for anyone else in your neighborhood who’d like to receive the newsletter. You may also add newsletter recipients later in the year as you discover new interest.

2022 Committees/Teams Involvement Form
UNOE’s major work of supporting/serving Neighborhood Associations is done through the Committees/Teams and the General Membership Meetings.
This form affords a means for Neighborhood Associations to list the name(s) and contact information of those from your neighborhood who are continuing to serve or are interested in serving on one or more of these teams. New committee interest can also be conveyed throughout the year.

Additional Documents to Submit

A copy of your association’s most recent documents needs to be on file with UNOE:
By-laws – To save on postage, if your bylaws have not changed in the past 2 years, you may contact the UNOE office to verify the date of the most current copy on file. Then, only send documents if your copy is the most recent available.
Map with the boundaries of your association – If your boundaries have changed since your registration last year, a new map is needed on file.
Both UNOE and the Department of Metropolitan Development seek to include Neighborhood Association mapping on their respective website mapping tools. UNOE also uses printed maps for community events and to display in the office. You may check with the office to verify what is the most recent map on file before sending this document.

Webpage Updates

  • Please review your webpage here on
  • If your Neighborhood Association has a logo that can be added to your webpage, please email a clean image with good resolution to .
  • Your Officers and Meeting information will be updated from the information provided at the top of the combined Application/Registration Form.
  • For our All Neighborhoods Map will include pop-up windows with your Meeting, Contact, Neighborhood Mailing Address and a link back to your webpage for more information.
  • If you would like to see additional information, links, images on your page, please contact the office.

Submit Forms & Payment

  • Make Membership Dues check payable to “UNOE.” (For an online payment option via PayPal with a credit/debit card, please contact the office.)
  • Submit all completed and signed forms and any Additional Documents via mail or in person.  **Presidents, please remember to sign the form.**
    Mail to: UNOE, 320 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Ste. B, Evansville, IN 47713
    Delivery: You may also bring registration and dues to the UNOE General Membership meetings.
    For an after-hours delivery option, please contact the office. Office hours are Mon. – Thu., 9am to 3pm.
  • Logos, images, signed Registration Form (for Neighborhoods receiving a grant covering Membership Dues) and/or maps may be emailed to (Please use the subject: “2022 Membership”).

DEADLINE: Please return all completed forms, files and information to the UNOE office. Even if your elections are later in the year, this deadline is necessary to meet the City/County’s quarterly deadlines. Later, when your leaders change, a new Application Form can be completed, signed and submitted to keep all records up to date.

After UNOE receives your registration renewal, the information will be processed and a copy of your registration, by-laws, and boundary map will be submitted to the City and/or County.

If you have any questions, please contact UNOE staff:
Or, visit the UNOE office in the
EVPL Annex, 320 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite B
(entrance/doorbell are at the corner of ML King Blvd & Cherry with parking in the lot across Cherry St).