Ross Center

Ross Center
Neighborhood Association

Ross Center Neighborhood Association started in approximately 2005. It sits behind the Ross Center strip mall on the corner of Washington Avenue and Boeke Road where a building once housed The Ross Theater; thus, the reason for the association’s name.

Ross Center Neighborhood residence

It is a fairly compact area and its borders are Washington to the north, Covert Avenue to the south, Boeke Road to the west, and Villa to the east. It is across the street from Lorraine Pool and Park.

The area was developed sometime after World War II. The assumption is the area was developed for returning WW II veterans. The streets are named after WW II heroes and one battle. We have Roosevelt, MacArthur, and Corregidor Circle. Corregidor is an island off the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. It is the island MacArthur retreated to before being evacuated. No one can pronounce Corregidor, and those who can are history buffs.

Ross Center Neighborhood residence

South of Monroe are modest single-family homes and north of Monroe are two-family townhouses or as some refer to them as duplexes. The townhouses are interesting as each side is typically a mirror of the other half of the building and they share a common front entrée porch and backyard.

Each has approximately 1100 square feet of living space which was large for the time they were built. Most of these townhouse buildings were occupied by the owner on one side, who rented the other side or in some cases a married son, daughter, or grandparent lived there.

Over time these properties changed hands and landlords bought up multiple properties. Today most all these units are rentals. The lack of owner occupied has certainly changed the flavor of the area.

Ross Center Neighborhood residence

The neighborhood association’s goals are to try and ensure the area is safe and crime-free, and that owners are maintaining their properties to the highest standard. We continually strive to encourage curb appeal with well-maintained yards and landscaping which we feel will make our neighborhood a desirable area to live in and thus maintain property values.


President:  Timothy Bray
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Rita Byers
Treasurer: Dan Sauls
Representatives: VACANT

Meeting Information

Date:  2nd Thursdays
Time:  6:00pm
Location:  Taco Johns at Ross Center
2509 Washington Avenue

To verify meeting or for more information,  contact Tim Bray at or by phone at 812-455-1002.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EPD Sector

This neighborhood is in the East Sector.
Crime Prevention Officer (CPO):  Andy Carlile 812-485-3063
Meeting Date: 3rd Tuesday of odd months
Time:  6:00pm
Location:   Crime Prevention Office,  CK Newsome Center, 100 E Walnut St., Suite 100, Evansville, IN 47713

Boundaries & Map

Download the KML file here. Map and KML file updated 08/09/2021