Arcadian Acres

Arcadian Acres Civic Association

Arcadian Acres Civic Association formed on June 26, 1946, is the oldest neighborhood association in Evansville. While the original concept was a mirror of today’s Homeowners Associations with building covenants, the association changed its focus to social versus structural on March 12, 1957.  Its geographical boundaries are north to south: Washington Avenue to Covert Avenue and west to east: Burkhardt Road to Southfield Road.  

Food truck setup in Arcadian Acres

While there are still original residents, our neighborhood over the past 10 years has steadily grown younger as new families with small children have chosen to live here. As with any change, the Association expanded how we communicate and function in 2014 with the introduction of NEXTDOOR.COM. We also expanded our NEXTDOOR.COM boundaries to accommodate what most feel is “truly” Arcadian Acres. These new communication boundaries extended to the west from Thompson Avenue and to the east, Fuquay Road.  With this social tool, we communicate daily and it has become an important part of our neighborhood. Presently there are 546 members and 371 households in Arcadian Acres NEXTDOOR.COM.

Neighborhood picnic in Arcadian Acres

The neighborhood is known for its trees, individually styled homes, the annual picnics in the “Triangle”, and most of all, the social atmosphere of the neighborhood. From the wee hours of the morning to very late at night you will see our neighbors walking, jogging, riding bicycles, and just talking with each other. It is a very great place to live and raise a family.


President:  Richard Eich
Vice President:  Pam Flaig
Secretary:  Steve Dabrowski
Treasurer:  Toni Eich
Representatives:  Richard & Terri Eich

Meeting Information

Arcadian Acres Civic Neighborhood Association meets quarterly as needed. They meet at Our Savior Lutheran Church 6501 E Madison or McCullough Library 5115 Washington Ave. Please call for meeting information

Please contact the following for further information.

Richard Eich – 812-431-1122 or

Pam Flaig – 812-746-9496 or

EPD Sector

This neighborhood is in the East Sector on Beat 4
Crime Prevention Officer (CPO): Terrance Eastwood 812-435-6107
Meeting Date/Time: See EPD Police Sector page for current schedule.
Location:   Crime Prevention Office,  CK Newsome Center, 100 E Walnut St., Suite 100, Evansville, IN 47713

Boundaries & Map

Perimeter: 1.81 miles
Area: 115.2 acres
Highlights: Arcadian Acres Triangle

Download the KML file here. Map and KML file updated 08/09/2021