Volunteers of UNOE

UNOE is built on the work of volunteers

One of the unique characteristics of UNOE, is its nature as a volunteer led community advocacy nonprofit organization.

Leadership Volunteers

Every member of UNOE’s Board of Directors is a volunteer. In addition, each board member has also held or currently holds a leadership role within their own Neighborhood Association.

At the start of each year, member Neighborhood Associations have the opportunity to nominate and vote on those who will lead this agency that serves as an umbrella organization to assist and support the work of preserving, enhancing, and promoting the Neighborhood Associations throughout Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

Planning Volunteers

A major part of UNOE’s work of support/serving Neighborhood Associations is done through Teams or Committees. The Chair of each planning team is appointed by the UNOE President and holds a seat at the Board’s table each month, sharing updates on the efforts, plans and progress of each team. Members of these planning teams come from Neighborhood Associations and community members who support the work of neighborhoods.

Project Volunteers

UNOE engages volunteers from Neighborhoods and various community partners for office tasks and other projects that support member Associations. Not only is the cost of staff time saved for such tasks as folding/taping closed newsletters and flyers, but the interaction among the Volunteers, Board/Neighborhood members/leaders and staff has proven to raise awareness of the work of UNOE as well as help volunteers to better connect with their own Neighborhood Associations. Look for emails called “Volunteer Opportunities”, or contact the office to let staff know that you would like to be called or emailed when helps is needed.

Event Volunteers

When UNOE is invited to participate through an informational table or booth or by hosting a float at community event, volunteers who understand neighborhood work are needed. The Marketing Team will be offering simple tools to equip those who enjoy meeting people and speaking casually or formally of the great work of Neighborhood Associations.

If you are interested in helping UNOE give us a call at 812-428-4243 or email us at office@unoevansville.org or admin1@unoevansville.org.