Greater Lincolnshire

Greater Lincolnshire Neighborhood Association

The Greater Lincolnshire Neighborhood was considered one of Evansville’s first “neighborhoods” when it was built between1923 and1938. Evansville architect, Henry Veach, in partnership with others developed the Lincolnshire “community of homes” with fashionable and prestigious American and European Revival styles.

Residents of Greater Lincolnshire meeting at the “Triangle”

Today’s residents are a perfect mix of modern families who can be seen relaxing in The Triangle, walking through the neighborhood enjoying each other’s company, or working together to put on the Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival for the community. 

Neighbors were searching for a way to connect with each other and to provide a service to the Evansville community.  We were able to satisfy both when we started the Lincolnshire Front Porch Festival. On the first Sunday of October, our whole neighborhood comes together to listen to local musicians on porches across Lincolnshire.  Thousands of local residents join us for an afternoon of fun, relaxation, and camaraderie.

The food trucks, who feed our bellies during the festival while we feed our souls with the music, became a staple during the COVID-19 pandemic as they set up at the Triangle to bring some much-needed variety during the quarantine.

Residents of Greater Lincolnshire

GLNA was also committed to staying connected during the time we needed to physically distance to keep the virus from spreading.  Our leaders pivoted to online Zoom meetings so we could stay connected and conduct our monthly meetings.  Neighbors made an effort to share uplifting messages and check in on each other. We saw a surge in participation from neighbors who had previously been unable to attend in-person meetings.

The neighborhood Triangle is always full of activities. Our neighborhood cookouts are on The Triangle, and it is a popular meeting spot for kids in the neighborhood to meet for a bike ride. We recently created a Little Free Library to encourage literacy by keeping it stocked with books for readers of all ages. Story times and friendships pop up when families are choosing books at the same time and decide to enjoy the space provided to read and play together.

Our boundaries are: Washington Avenue on the south, Lincoln Avenue on the north, Lodge Avenue on the east, and U.S. 41 on the west.

We look forward to living in the Greater Lincolnshire Neighborhood for the next 100 years and are grateful to be part of the United Neighborhoods of Evansville.  There is no better place to live, work, play, and raise our families!


President: Betsy Pruitt
Vice-President: Michael Pruitt
Secretary: Braden Henson
Treasurer: Carol Brockman
Representatives: Betsy Pruitt & Michael Pruitt

Meeting Information

Date:  2nd Tuesdays
Time:  6:30pm
Location: ZOOM Meeting

Email Betsy Pruitt at for information and to verify meetings.
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EPD Sector

This neighborhood is in the South Sector.
Crime Prevention Officer (CPO):  Chad Diedrich 812-435-6037
Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of odd months
Time: 6:00pm
Location:  Crime Prevention Office,  CK Newsome Center, 100 E Walnut St., Suite 100, Evansville, IN 47713

Boundaries & Map

Download the KML file here. Map and KML file updated 08/09/2021