Ballard Neighborhood Association

The boundaries of the Ballard Neighborhood shall be defined as follows:  the east boundary is Highway 41; the south boundary is the north side of Lincoln Avenue; the west boundary is the east side of Evans Street; and the north boundary is the south side of Lloyd Expressway.

Meeting of Ballard residents

The mission of the Ballard Association is as follows:

  • To enhance the quality of our neighborhood
  • Encourage communication, cooperation and friendliness among the residents
  • Maintain and increase spirit or awareness, security and beauty in our community
  • Express the interest and opinions of all to our local government

We want Evansville to remain a safe, clean, and friendly place.  If we all do our part by participation in neighborhood discussions, we can help bring about better-quality development projects and an enhanced lifestyle in and around the Ballard Neighborhood and Evansville at large.


President:  TBA
Treasurer: Michele Drew
Representatives: Greg Schulten

Meeting Information

Ballard Neighborhood Association is temporarily not conducting General Meetings.

Please contact Michele Drew at to verify date/location of meeting.


This neighborhood is located within the census tracts targeted by the Focus Neighborhood Council through the City of Evansville-Department of Metropolitan Development.

EPD Sector

This neighborhood is in the South Sector.
Crime Prevention Officer (CPO):  Nick Sandullo 812-435-6035
Meeting Date/Time: See EPD Police Sector page for current schedule.
Location:   Crime Prevention Office,  CK Newsome Center, 100 E Walnut St., Suite 100, Evansville, IN 47713

Boundaries & Map

Perimeter: 1.89 miles
Area: 140.8 acres

Download the KML file here. Map and KML file updated 08/09/2021