Tools to fight Invasive Species

The Vanderburgh SWCD is renting tools to residents to assist in the removal of invasive species on their property. They have the following tools available for rental:

  • Pullerbear – Tool to help remove invasive shrubs that are difficult to remove by hand.
  • Batter Operated Mini-chainsaws – To aid in removing thicker invasive vines that are too difficult with loppers.
  • Loppers – To remove smaller vines and shrubs.
  • Battery Operated Weed Trimmer
  • Backpack Sprayer – For areas needing chemical treatment.

These tools are available for rent with a deposit and a waiver form that needs to be filled out before you leave the office with any tools. If you are interested in renting any of these tools, please contact Erin Shoup at 812-423-4426 x3.