SWIMGA Fall Conference “Imagine”

Southwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association hosting Fall Conference

Old National Events Plaza
Saturday, October 15, 2022
9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Conference Open to the Public

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Event Speakers

Judy Burris & Wayne Richards

Judy Burris and Wayne Richards, a sister-brother author and photographer team, are from northern Kentucky. They have been intrigued with butterflies since they were children and always enjoyed spending time on hiking trails looking for animals and trying to identify trees. wildflowers, and insects. As adults, this childhood interest in animals and plant life has translated into a devotion to gardening, specifically to support butterflies in every stage of their development from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Judy and Wayne have spent many years observing, hand-raising, and photographing these miraculous creatures in their own backyards. They enjoy teaching others about flower gardening, nature photography, and insect life cycles. They encourage everyone to give more serious through to natural habitat conservation and responsible, chemical-free management of their yards to support native flora and fauna for future generation to enjoy.

Irvin Etienne is the Curator of Herbaceous Plants and Seasonal Garden Design for the Garden at Newfields, where he has worked over 25 years. In that position he helps the Horticulturists with their plant section and garden design as well as designing and maintaining his own areas. While working in the 152 acres of the IMA gardens and groups requires knowledge and skill with all manner of wood and herbaceous plants, Irvin lusts for and loves the tropical species most of all. He is the recipient of Fold and Silver awards in Electronic Media Writing from the Garden Wirters Associations for his blogging at the IMA. In hos own garden everything from cannas to eggplants to Magnolias coexist in ta lush jungle fed by manure from his own rabbits and chickens. Obviously a product of the Midwest, Irvin could be considered, well, a simple farm boy that likes shiny sparkly things. And is easily distracted.

Charlie Nardozzi is a regional Emmy award winning garden writer, speaker, radio, and television personality. He has worked for more than 30 years bringing expert gardening information to home gardeners through radio, television, talks, tours, on-line, and the printed page. Charlie delights in making gardening information simple, easy, fun and accessible to everyone. He is the author of 7 gardening books including his latest., The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening,. He has 3 radio shows in New England and a TV segment on the CBS affiliate in his home state of Vermont. Charlie also is a garden consultant and leads garden tours to Europe and the Americas. Check out his website, gardeningwithcharlie.com, for more information.

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