Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA)

Demographic Data and Assistance Opportunities

Indiana Housing Dashboard

The IHCDA provides a platform for users to track demographic and housing trends across the state at a county-by-county level. It allows users to see data snapshots for each county in the state, to compare data points across different counties, and to export a Housing Needs Assessment with detailed housing and demographics analysis for each county.

Total Population trend for Vanderburgh County

Watch the below video to learn how to use the dashboard and then visit the dashboard at

Instructional video for using the dashboard

Renter and Homeowner Assistance Opportunities

IHCDA believes that growing Indiana’s economy starts at home. Everyone can agree that all Hoosiers should have the opportunity to live in safe, affordable, good-quality housing in economically stable communities. That’s the heart of IHCDA’s mission.

Family Poverty Rate trend for Vanderburgh County

Their charge is to help communities build upon their assets to create places with ready access to opportunities, goods, and services. They also promote, finance, and support a broad range of housing solutions from temporary shelters to home ownership.

Median Household Income trend for Vanderburgh County

They have assistance opportunities for both renters and current home owners. See if you qualify for assistance at