Get Social with UNOE!

UNOE Social Networks

Now that we have media specialist Kate McKinney in the office, UNOE has expanded our social networks. In addition to our Facebook page you can now find us on:
Twitter @unoevansville
Instagram @unoevansville
Pinterest username: unoevv
and coming soon, Snapchat, Youtube and LinkedIn!

Please follow our accounts and interact with us so we can better serve you and your neighborhoods!

We encourage you to send us photos from your neighborhood, news and more for us to use on these networks. You can email, or tag us in your posts if you’d like us to share them! Please use hashtag unoevv and a hashtag representing your neighborhood name on Twitter and Instagram. Example: #unoevv #helfrich. We are eager to repost your photos!

Kate will also be contacting each Neighborhood Association individually so she can tour the neighborhoods and get to know them better, and fill our networks up with great news and photos from your area! You can email her at if you have any questions.