Create a Wildflower Sanctuary

Create Your Own Wildflower Sanctuary

Many of you have successfully created your own wildflower sanctuary. Setting aside a part of your lawn for a plot of wildflowers is a great way to help wildlife and add a unique kind of beauty to your home. It is relatively simple to do and Tri-State Creation Care will show you how as well as provide the seed.

You have your choice of two workshops. Both are hybrid events. You can attend in person at All Saints Church (704 N. 1st Ave) on Thursday April 28 at 6:30pm, or in person at Central Library in Browning Room a at 10am on Saturday April 30, or attend either session on-line. The program is free and welcome to all. Please help expand our movement by inviting family and friends.

All Saints Church (704 N 1st Ave)

EVPL Central Library

Zoom Registration Links for On-line Sessions