(Photographed from left to right is UNOE Board President Lindsey Schenk, County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave, UNOE Board Senior Liasson Susan Harp, UNOE Regional Vice President Katie Coomes, and County Commissioner Ben Shoulders).

On February 16th Vanderburgh County Commissioners Ben Shoulders and Cheryl Musgrave presented UNOE with a check for $5,000 in support of our mission to enhance, promote and support neighborhoods within our community.

Cheryl Musgrave currently serves as President of the Vanderburgh County Commission in Indiana.  As County Commissioner, Musgrave has focused on local infrastructure growth, including roads, bridges, and trails. Musgrave also served as Vanderburgh County Assessor and as Commissioner of the Department of Local Government Finance under Governor Mitch Daniels.

Ben Shoulders is a lifelong Vanderburgh County resident with a passion for serving his community. First elected to the Board of Commissioners of Vanderburgh County in 2016, Shoulders was reelected in 2020 and currently serves as the Vice  President of the Vanderburgh County Commission.