Construction Injury To Trees

There is a great deal of construction goin on in the tri-state. Road widening, underground utility installation, and more are occuring throughout the greater Evansville area. Additionaly, I see a lot of people beginning to build homes in wooded areas, without regard to the safety and health of existing trees. Trees do not respond well to site changes, especially when soil is added (or removed) from over the root system.

In many situations where road widening or utility work is occurring, there is little we can do to protect the trees. In these situations, I strongly urge tree owners to have me come out and do a tree appraisal, so that you can be fairly compensated for the eventual loss of your trees.

If you are planning on building in a wooded area, or even adding on to your current house near existing trees, I can help protect the trees. Based on the size of the trees, I can develop a Protected Root Zone which will prevent lethal injury to the tree’s root system. This may require changing your placement of structures and driveways, it may require removal of certain trees in order to protect others. This type of consulting must be performed BEFORE construction begins! Once the damage is done, it cannot be repaired.

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