Looking for free wood chips near you?

ChipDrop finds local tree companies working in your area and notifies them that you would like some wood chips or logs (or both). The next time their truck is full they can pull up your information through our service and deliver the wood chips straight to your driveway, even if you’re at work.

The best way to get fresh, natural arborist wood chips is by flagging down your local arborist when they happen to be working on your block. The second is to use ChipDrop.

ChipDrop lets you place a single request for arborist wood chips. We send it out to all the participating tree companies in your area, giving you a better chance of receiving one sooner. Once you get a delivery, we’ll take you off the list automatically so you don’t get multiple loads. If you do want another load, it’s as easy as logging into your account and placing another request.

We also have a basic quality control process so you at least have some idea of the quality of material you’re going to receive.