Adopted! Evansville Complete Streets Ordinance G-2021-17

Flyer announcing the adoption of the Complete Streets Ordinance on 10/25/21

Evansville’s Complete Streets Ordinance G-2021-17 is ADOPTED!!

A great big thank you to all of our Trailblazer partners that assisted with this initiative. We are grateful for your voice and grassroots efforts to speak out for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and the community that we all love so much and want to improve!  Also, thank you to our Active Transportation Liaison, Mychelle Christian, who continued to fight the good fight, even when it seemed too difficult to continue; and to the ETC Board, who support us as we purpose to accomplish our mission, “we connect people and places, promote active lifestyles and advocate for the development of multi-use trails.”

Lastly, thank you to all the Evansville Common (City) Council members, Ben Trockman, Zac Heronemus, Ron Beane, Alex Burton, Kaitlyn Moore Morely, Jonathan Weaver, Jim Brinkmeyer, Missy Mosby, and Justin Elpers.  Your exemplary leadership in voting unanimously “YES” to this Complete Streets Ordinance creates a gold standard of considering all modes of transportation when planned infrastructure improvements are implemented in our community. What a difference this will make for all of us!

We are well on our way to becoming a multimodal/intermodal city, that is a bicycle and walk-friendly community, where people with disabilities, pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchair users, and more have the opportunity to travel safely to places where we live, work, and play. 

I’m looking forward to our future connections! See you out on the trails,

Lorie A. Van Hook
Executive Director

The Evansville Trails Coalition can be contacted at:
Evansville Trails Coalition
P.O. Box 932
Evansville, IN 47706