Westside Improvement Association

Westside Improvement Association


President: Melanie Stagg
Sr. Vice President: Lorie Van Hook
Jr. Vice President: Steve Craig
Secretary: Janice Ricketts
Treasurer: Bill Schenk
Membership Secretary: Lee Jorgensen
Representatives: Melanie Stagg & Ron Beane

Meeting Information

General Meetings:
Dates: Tentative 2020 Schedule
March 25 – 6:00-8:00pm
June 24 – 5:00-8:00pm – Membership Picnic
Sept. 23 – 6:00-8:00pm
Nov. 12 – 6:00pm – Banquet & Awards Dinner
(Call to confirm dates.)
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Howell Park Shelter House, 1101 S Barker Ave (except for banquet, that location TBA)
Changes to the meeting locations and any change of dates are announced in our newsletter and Facebook.

Board of Directors Meetings:
: Call for dates
(meets each month not scheduled for general meetings except December)
Time: 4:00-5:00pm
Location: Changes to the meeting locations and any change of dates are announced in our newsletter and Facebook.

Contact Melanie Stagg at 812-483-9750 or justafloridagirl01@yahoo.com for meeting information.

Connect with WIA

Learn more at  www.westsideimprovement.com
Do you have questions, concerns or something to report related to the Westside Improvement Association’s area?
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EPD Sector

Portion of this neighborhood are in the West Sector.
Crime Prevention Officer (CPO): Bill Schafer  812-435-6105
MeetingDate/Time: See EPD Police Sector page for current schedule.
Location:   Crime Prevention Office, 401 E. Columbia St.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff

Portions of this neighborhood extend into the county where it is served by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.
Administration, Detention and Corrections 812-421-6203
The Administration Office is located in the Vanderburgh County Detention Center at 3500 N. Harlan Ave., Evansville, IN 47711.
Operations – Command Post 812-421-6201
The Command Post is located at 5607 Highway 41 North, Evansville, IN 47711

Boundaries & Map

The Gibson County Line on the North,
the Posey County Line on the West,
the Ohio River from Fulton Avenue
to the Posey County Line on the South,
The Eastern boundary will be
St. Joseph Avenue to Diamond Avenue,
Diamond Avenue to Fulton Avenue,
Fulton Avenue to the Ohio River.

Map and KML file updated 12/20/2017

Working together to preserve, enhance and promote the Evansville and area Neighborhoods

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