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October UNOE Newsletter 2019

Download our October 2019 Newsletter here.


  • UNOE to host the 24th Annual Sparkplug Recognition Banquet presented by Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company – Reminders & tools for registering your Neighborhood Association or for non-neighborhood guests to reserve a spot – DEADLINE: Thu., Oct. 10
  • Neighborhood Lighting Survey reminder, online Resources & Lighting Survey Kit contents available, including contacts for reporting street lighting concerns throughout the year – DEADLINE: Mon., Nov. 11
  • Being a Good Neighbor: Broken Windows & Weeds in Gutters: Who’s in Charge?
  • Ordinance Update: Unsolicited Materials Ordinance–What It Means for Neighborhood Associations – See full ordinance online: PDF version or searchable code database
  • Bicyclist & Pedestrian Safety Reminders from the Evansville Fire Department.

24th Annual Sparkplug Recognition Banquet Invitation

MORE DETAILS: Download the October 2019 Newsletter, read the blog post,
follow the Facebook event or visit the webpage for the banquet.
Presented by Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company


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