Regional Neighborhood Network Conference

United Neighborhoods of Evansville, in association with the City of Evansville, is honored to present the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference this October 6-8! This conference, now in it’s 31st year, brings together movers and shakers from 5 states across the Midwest to a weekend designed to inspire your community!

Our website, is currently under construction. In the meantime, like our Facebook page for updates. Information on registration, speakers, tours, and awards coming soon!

Sparkplug 2016

United Neighborhoods of Evansville hosted our 21st Annual Sparkplug Banquet October 27, 2016. Over 200 people from 30+ neighborhoods gathered together to honor and celebrate their “sparkplugs,” those who are standouts in their efforts to improve and protect the places they call home.

From police officers, librarians and ministers to neighbors who turn into Batman when the circumstances call for it, there’s no specific type of person or way to be a Sparkplug.  You just have to have a heart for service.

Let’s meet them now!



Darla Farris of Akin Park had this to say about CPO Chad Diedrich. “He is a great officer. He comes to all our meetings,  listens to our concerns and tries to solve them. He also talks to kids and gives stuff to them while he is at our meetings. Great man!”


Culver Neighborhood Association appreciates Carol McClintock because “She has been a member of Culver Association for several years and has always been willing to get involved and help out the association. This year she was instrumental in getting an information outreach program off the ground and going at full speed. It is our pleasure to have Carol be the Culver Neighborhood Association Sparkplug Award Recipient.”


Richard Eich, of Arcadian Acres Civic Association, says, “Officer Anna Gray, has served as our Crime Prevention Officer over the past few years, not only in name, but through her display of leadership and daily involvement in our neighborhood. Officer Gray consistently goes above and beyond in support of our Neighborhood Association, making herself available when we have needs or just have questions. She brings a contagious energy to our leaders and neighbors, making her a true SPARKPLUG of Arcadian Acres Neighborhood Association. Without her leadership and hard work, we would not be the healthy association we are today. ”


Jim Grace of Eastview Neighborhood Association says ” As Pastor of Fairlawn United Methodist Church, Rev. Randy Owens hosts our monthly meetings and volunteers when needed, as well as acting as our secretary. He puts action behind his heart for service offering free dinners and family fun days.  Our neighborhood association is so blessed to have Randy.”


Jenny Triggs, president of Helfrich Neighborhood Association, says that “Lindsey Schenk has been a wonderful asset to our community. She never hesitates to report unusual activity and has done wonders in reporting open drug activity when she sees it. She always has fresh ideas on attracting new members and helping build our neighborhood association.”


Jane McManus of Greater Lincolnshire Neighborhood Association says “Chris Mills is our neighborhood hero. When we were experiencing a rash of vandalism and vehicle break-ins, Chris installed cameras on his property. Additionally, he hired, at his own expense, the private security firm Lawman to patrol late at night, and he accompanied the patrols. One night, Chris’s camera alerted his phone to the presence of an intruder. Chris captured the suspect while in his bathrobe, armed with a cell phone and a gun. Chris Mills is our Bathrobe Batman!”


Lorie Van Hook of Mount Auburn Neighborhood Association describes Chris Borries as  “a wonderful neighbor who keeps the neighborhood connected with the “goings on” and “happenings” on our street. She is caring and thoughtful, always sharing in her gardening bounty, especially tomatoes and peppers and is often the go-to person for pet-sitting. Chris is a true friend to our neighborhood families, both human and animal. Her generous and attentive heart exemplifies what a true neighbor is.”


Pam Grewe of South Dexter Neighborhood Association had this to say about Sparkplug  Mikki Spencer: “Mikki volunteered to letter and paint yard signs inform neighbors of our monthly meetings. These signs immediately sparked interest among our neighbors. Many have asked “What is it?” or “What do you do?”  Thanks to Mikki’s signs attendance at our meetings has increased. Members willingly take responsibility for putting the signs in their yards each month. Mikki’s idea and willingness to share her talent has been the Spark behind South Dexter this year!”


Tom Littlepage of Southeastside Neighborhood Association says that Officer Andy Carlile ” is more than a crime prevention officer. He is part of our community. He goes above and beyond the duties of a police officer. He protects our neighborhood every single day. He is never more than an email or a phone call away. He works long hours away from his family and makes sacrifices to ensure our neighborhood association is informed.


Vogel-Spring Park Neighborhood Association‘s J.D. Strouth says that “Ruth Hall consistently serves our neighborhood year in and year out as treasurer and a block captain.  But this year, Ruth undertook a major project when she led our Neighborhood association to collect plastic lids and bottle caps, which we had recycled into a park bench for Wesselman’s Park playground.”


Pam Buchenberger of Bellemeade-Bayard Park Neighborhood Association applauds Beth Heil. “She has been with the East Branch Library for eighteen years and has been Customer Service Supervisor for thirteen of those years. Beth is dedicated to providing outstanding library resources and services to everyone who walks through the doors at the East Branch Library. She attends all of our meetings and is instrumental in keeping us informed of the activities offered to children and adults as well!”


Rene McCormick of South Lincoln Park Drive Area Neighborhood Association explains why Officer Jason Pagett is their Sparkplug. “Although our meetings were reduced this year, Jay kept contact with Block Leaders and was instrumental in helping us express neighborhood concerns to those capable of assisting and alleviating the problems. Thank you for your interest and participation, Jason!”


Greg Stilwell of Business 41 Neighborhood Association gives his thanks to Officer Eric Krogmen. “He attends all of our meetings and does an excellent job. He gives us detailed crime reports and helps us with our neighborhood problems. Many thanks, Eric!”


Donna Montgomery of CHAIN says that  Francis Easterly is a new member of the CHAIN Neighborhood but “he is well known in our area. He cleans up the trash on Cedar Street, Cody Street, the alleys, the greenway and now Cedar Hall’s playground nearly every day. He also mows some of the neighbor’s yards and part of the Greenway. We like to claim him as mayor of Cedar Street, who looks after his neighbors.”


Deanna Outlaw, president of the Westside Improvement Association, relays how Charlie Stocker, Steve Craig and Gordon Dingman turned a simple “Adopt a Spot” into the Helfrich Gateway Project. “They plotted, planned and brought their vision to the Board. We never imagined the corner would come to fruition with so much creative thought, artistic vision, and just plain tenacious get ‘r done attitude.  Phase I and II are now complete with Phase III planned for next year. These guys worked night and day for a project that will benefit not only the west side but Evansville as a whole.”


Leonard Collins, president of Goosetown Neighbhorhood, has “nothing but praise” for Sparkplug Lauren Legate. “Lauren is always making sure the meetings are good to go and helping keep order. She has been a great asset with her help with the administrative work of managing a neighborhood association. Lauren’s work with the Potter’s Wheel has been a great help to our organization and the neighborhood at large. Not only does she help prepare and serve meals to the community every Tuesday and Saturday, but through her contacts she has even been able to assist those struggling with homelessness. She organized 4 annual neighborhood clean-ups with Keep Evansville Beautiful and brought in the neighborhood youth to help.”


Judy Wargel of the Riverside Neighborhood Association says “Pam Guthrie has lived in the Historic District since 1972. She has served on the Preservation Commission for many years and was president for several years. Since 2011 Pam has organized the Historic Homes House Tour. Monies raised were used for Historic District signage and has helped fund the replacement of cobra head lights with safer and more historically appropriate lighting.”


Lucy Williams of Glenwood Neighborhood Association  on Andrew and Breanna (not pictured)  Bondurant: “The Bondurants took residence in a Community One renovated house in Glenwood a year ago last August and  wasted no time getting involved in the GNA. They immediately expressed an interest in engaging Glenwood youth by chairing a block party at Caldwell Park which was a huge success. When the RNNC was announced, they eagerly wanted to attend, which they did, driving themselves to Champaign. The Bondurant’s bring a fresh prospective and new outlook are just the spark the neighborhood needs to make Glenwood, and thereby the city of Evansville, the best that it can be


Melanie Stagg of Western Terrace Neighborhood Association on why Gus and Dorthy Hunter are 2016 Sparkplugs! “Gus and Dorothy have lived in our neighborhood for over 50 years. They have been involved in many activities and events throughout this time. Currently they have been block captains and passed out newsletters for ten years. They decorate their yard for every holiday, and were awarded best decorated yard for Christmas 2015. They also maintain our corner at Helfrich and Mount Vernon Avenue, planting flowers and decorating for each season.”


Community One, a ministry of Crossroads Christian Church, was awarded a Sparkplug Award by Tepe Park Neighborhood Association for their devotion to rehabilitation of the neighborhood.


Oak Hill Neighborhood Association’s Jonah Hust on Dr. Dan Adams, “Councilman Adams has proven himself to be a true community leader, not just by good ideas and thoughtful suggestions, but by his actions. Over the course of the last year we have approached Councilman Adams on multiple occasions for a variety of different issues. Each time he has been receptive to our concerns and has even taken a personal approach to the resolution of some of our issues. He is a true asset to the city of Evansville and the Oak Hill Neighborhood Association.”

We’d also like to thank all of our sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you!


Sparkplug Information- Donations, Registrations and More!

sparkplug-unoe-presentsThe Sparkplug Banquet is almost here! For your convenience we have provided all the forms you need to register for the banquet, nominate a neighborhood “sparkplug,” or donate a door prize!  You are free to snail mail or email the forms, but at this time we are not accepting online payments for the banquet.

The menu for evening is a choice of glazed chicken with roasted potatoes or eggplant cannelloni with angel hair pasta in a roasted red pepper sauce. All meals include fresh grilled vegetables, seasonal greens, fresh baked bread and bread pudding with a caramel glaze for dessert.

Click here to download the form to register your neighborhood. Single registrations are also fine,  just mail a check to UNOE or bring cash to the office.  This also includes the form to nominate a neighborhood “Sparkplug,” someone who is working hard to ignite the community.

If you are a local business who would like to donate a door prize the form can be found here.   We appreciate your support!

We are still looking for sponsors as well. See this post for information on sponsorship levels.  We appreciate everyone who gives back to their community in this way!

See you at the Sparkplug Banquet October 27th!







Call for Sparkplug Sponsorship!


We are looking for sponsors for the Sparkplug Banquet! We want to shine a light on local businesses while you help us celebrate our community sparkplugs who constantly ignite their communities to action!

We have several levels of sponsorship available, something for every type of business budget.

EMBER – $75 GLOW -$150 KINDLE $300 INSPIRE $550
· One business card ad in event program

·Thank you reaching 1,000+ followers
across our social media channels

·Thank you letter


· Recognition on the banquet big screen

· One quarter-page ad in event program

Thank you reaching 1,000+ followers across our social media channels

· Thank you letter


·  Recognition on the banquet big screen

· One half-page ad in event program

· Two complimentary banquet tickets

· Two door prize tickets

· Thank you reaching 1,000+ followers across our social media channels

· Thank you letter

· Recognition on the banquet big screen

· One full-page ad in event program

· Four complimentary banquet tickets

·  Four door prize tickets

· Thank you with logo reaching 1,000+ followers across our social media channels

· Thank you letter

We also have a very special opportunity for one Presenting Sponsor. The Ignite level is valued at $3000 dollars. The Ignite Sponsor will receive:

  • Prominent logo and placement on event program as Presenting Sponsor
  • Prominent recognition on the banquet big screen with logo
  • One full-page ad back cover of event program
  • Named as Presenting Sponsor at banquet
  • Opportunity to welcome banquet guests
  • Complementary table of eight (8) at banquet
  • Eight door prize tickets
  • Eight United Neighborhoods of Evansville T-shirts
  • Four  mentions with logo across our social media channels reaching 1,000+ followers
  • Named as Presenting Sponsor in media release sent to local media outlets
  • Opportunity to enter basket for door prize give-a-way

Please email or call (812) 428-4243 for more information on sponsorship. We look forward to supporting your business while you support our sparkplugs!


21st Annual Sparkplug Celebration!

Sparkplug WP

Join us for the 21st Annual Sparkplug Celebration Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the Walnut Rooms at the Tropicana Executive Conference Center!

Our annual celebration of Evansville’s neighborhoods formally recognizes community “Sparkplugs,” individuals who go above and beyond to serve their neighbors and neighborhood, with a banquet style awards program. Over 300 neighborhood and community leaders attend each year, and we hope you will be among them!

We are thrilled to announce the keynote speaker will be Wil Marquez of w/Purpose, an urban and public design firm from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Mr. Marquez is an authority on urban and public design and has led collaborative projects on creative place making, branding, and design.

Please contact if you are interested in sponsorship of the event or for more information.

2016 Autumn Heavy Trash Pick-Up


old couch

2016 Fall Heavy Trash Pick-Up Begins Monday, August 22

The Evansville Water & Sewer Utility announces that Heavy Trash Pick-up will begin next Monday, August 22, and is scheduled to run through Friday, October 21.  The semi-annual curbside service is available to city residents who pay for trash service with their monthly water bill, including newly-annexed areas.  Apartment complexes, mobile home communities and business/commercial customers are not eligible.

The collection schedule and area maps are available on the City of Evansville’s GIS website at  To help keep crews on schedule and prevent heavy trash from sitting out on the curb longer than necessary, the number of days allocated for collection in each specific area has been determined based on the volume of heavy trash in the past and the number of days required to collect the trash.

Heavy trash must be placed in manageable, organized piles where normal weekly trash is collected before 6 a.m. on the first day collection is scheduled in each specific area.

Items that will be collected include:

  • Carpet
    • Must be rolled in sections no longer than 4 ft. and no wider than 2 ft. in diameter
  • Furniture
    • Sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, box springs, etc.
  • Appliances
    • Stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, etc.
    • Limit two of each type of appliance per household
  • Electronics
    • NO Televisions or electronics.
    • NO computers or accessories
  • Building materials/construction debris
    • Must be in trash cans, boxes, etc. of such size and weight that they can be reasonably lifted by two average adults
    • Containers must be strong enough that they do not break apart while being lifted even if they are wet
    • Privacy fence sections must be cut in half or smaller manageable size
    • NO concrete blocks, bricks or steel poles

Items that will NOT be collected include:

  • Any trash that Republic Services would pick up as part of its regular residential waste collection contract
  • Televisions or electronics
  • Automobile parts
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Hazardous materials
  • Computers or accessories
  • Concrete blocks, bricks or steel poles

Heavy trash that does not meet these requirements will not be picked up.  If a customer has complied with all of the heavy trash collection requirements yet feels they were missed, they should call Republic Services at (812) 424-3345 within two days to report a possible missed pick-up.

Note that many items not collected through the city’s heavy trash pick-up can be properly disposed of through programs offered by the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste District, including Tire Amnesty Days, Electronics Recycling Days and Household Hazardous Waste Day (Tox Away Day). Additional information about these programs and upcoming program dates is available on the Solid Waste District’s section of the city website at or by calling (812) 436-7800.

CONTACT:   Edward Ziemer

Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

(812) 436-4512

Thank you to Ella Johnson-Watson, Director of Communications at Mayor Winneke’s office, for the information.




National Night Out 2017!

It’s almost time for National Night Out 2017! Tuesday , August 1st meet us at Wesselman Park from 6-8:30 PM for free food, games and fun! Local law enforcement will be on hand for safety demonstrations, as well as lots of local organizations with fun goodies and information. UNOE will be on hand with our new misting station to help keep you cool!

Hope to see you there!

Pokemon Go Is In Your Neighborhood!

Pokemon Go Op

Pokemon Go is a new app  that is taking the US by storm! Far from the days of collectible cards, this new smartphone game uses GPS technology to create an activity that combines old school Pokemon, Geocaching and Virtual Reality.  “Trainers” catch Pokemons with a Pokeball that appears in the app, and then take them to a “gym” to train, and then you are sorted into teams where you play to win!

pokemon squirtle

It’s all done on your phone so it’s not only portable, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to play sitting in front of a screen indoors. The only way to catch and train your Pokemon is to get out and walk in your community. The result? Kids and adults alike are out playing and getting into their neighborhoods in ways we haven’t seen since the days of stickball. Finally we have technology that gets the kids out of the house instead of in!

As much fun as everyone is having with the game Pokemon Go, it is important to stay safe and law-abiding.  So here’s some tips we’ve compiled for users and non-users to keep it fun for everyone.

1.No Trespassing!
The game programmers have included a lot of local businesses and landmarks in the game to get people out hunting. But these places are not always open for business, and it some cases have been inaccurately labeled as landmarks when they are actually private residences, such as this man whose church house has been inundated with players at all hours after POKEMON GO identified it as a “gym.”  Our own president, Chris Cooke, has had to deal with trespassing after dark at historic Oak Hill Cemetery. Please do not try to catch Pokemon after business hours, or trespass on private property. It’s not only an annoyance to residents and caretakers, but it can be dangerous as well.

Here’s a great post  from KISS 106.1 detailing when popular spots close.

2. Stay Safe on the Streets!
Keep your eyes off your game when you are crossing the street! A flat Pokemon Trainer is no good to anyone. And please don’t try to catch Pokemon’s when you are driving! Keep your phone put away and don’t get it back out until you have reach your designated location. Keep an eye on your children and set guidelines and boundaries for them so they stay close to home and don’t wander in where they are not allowed.

3. Don’t Panic!
This game brings people from all walks of life out into the greater community. You might see people you don’t know in your neighborhood and they might be acting strangely with their cell phones. Try to determine if they are just playing a game before you let your suspicions get the best of you.  If they aren’t damaging property or trespassing best not bother law enforcement.

4. Stay Aware!
In one instance, this game was used to target potential robbery victims. While this information should not be used to cause a panic and is likely not to happen again since the perps were caught quickly (what made it easy to target victims also made it easy for them to be caught) , it is good to be aware of your surroundings and play with caution.

It’s encouraging to see people getting out into their communities, getting exercise, fresh air and meeting new people! Every recreational activity carries an element of risk. So please have fun, use common sense, and please stay safe and respect your neighbors and businesses!

Working together to preserve, enhance and promote the Evansville and area Neighborhoods

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