Annual Membership Dues:         $25.00

Neighborhoods who are members of UNOE gain the following:

Membership Benefits

  • Technical assistance from the UNOE staff and Board members
  • Assistance with Neighborhood Association projects and programs
  • Research, program ideas, and association development
  • Neighborhood Association page on the UNOE website
  • Computer and work station for individual Neighborhood Association use (design newsletters, postcards, flyers, etc., research, and the like) and support for writing newsletters
  • Printing of your association newsletters at a reduced cost and use of our mailing services and bulk permit
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Automatic access to City and County activities that affect your neighborhood
  • Natural forum for neighborhood development
  • Opportunity to be represented on City neighborhood committees
  • The strength of numbers

Membership Responsibilities

  • Two Official Representatives to attend monthly General Meeting, including voting privileges on behalf of the Neighborhood Association
  • One Representative from the neighborhood serves on one or more of the standing/working committees of their choice
  • Payment of annual dues


It is important that all your Neighborhood Association data be up-to-date, including your Officers and UNOE Representatives (even if your elections are later in the year).  Your help in that effort is important.

Download & Complete the 2018 Membership Packet.

UNOE Forms to Complete & Submit (in packet)

  • 2018 Membership Application (including updated Neighborhood Officers)
  • 2018 Standing Committees
  • 2018 Media Contact Information

City/County Forms to Complete & Submit (in packet)
(as applicable to your Neighborhood Association)

  • 2018 City of Evansville Neighborhood Association Registration Form
  • 2018 Vanderburgh County Neighborhood Association Registration Form

Submit Additional Updates as Needed

  • If your association’s by-laws have changed in the past year, please include a copy to update our records.
  • If your neighborhood association has county boundaries, please be sure to complete the County Registration Form also.
  • The Department of Metropolitan Development seeks to include Neighborhood Association mapping on the GIS website.  If your association boundaries have changed, please include a map with the new boundaries.

Webpage Updates

  • Please review your webpage here on
  • If your Neighborhood Association has a logo that can be added to your webpage, please email a clean image with good resolution to .
  • Your Officers and Meeting information will be updated from the information provided on the forms noted above.

Submit Forms & Payment

  • Make check payable to “UNOE.”
  • Submit all completed forms and any Additional Updates via mail or in person.
    Mail to: UNOE, 20 NW 4th St, Ste. 501, Evansville, IN 47708
    You may also bring registration and dues to the UNOE General Membership meetings.
  • Logos, images and/or maps may be emailed to (subject: 2018 Membership).

DEADLINE: Please return all completed forms, files and information to the UNOE office by March 1, 2018. 

As soon as we receive your registration renewal, we’ll submit your registration, by-laws, and boundary map to the City and/or County.

If you have any questions, please contact UNOE staff:
Or, visit the UNOE office in the
Hulman Building, 20 NW Fourth Street, Suite 501
(at the corner of 4th & Sycamore).

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