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2016 Autumn Heavy Trash Pick-Up


old couch

2016 Fall Heavy Trash Pick-Up Begins Monday, August 22

The Evansville Water & Sewer Utility announces that Heavy Trash Pick-up will begin next Monday, August 22, and is scheduled to run through Friday, October 21.  The semi-annual curbside service is available to city residents who pay for trash service with their monthly water bill, including newly-annexed areas.  Apartment complexes, mobile home communities and business/commercial customers are not eligible.

The collection schedule and area maps are available on the City of Evansville’s GIS website at  To help keep crews on schedule and prevent heavy trash from sitting out on the curb longer than necessary, the number of days allocated for collection in each specific area has been determined based on the volume of heavy trash in the past and the number of days required to collect the trash.

Heavy trash must be placed in manageable, organized piles where normal weekly trash is collected before 6 a.m. on the first day collection is scheduled in each specific area.

Items that will be collected include:

  • Carpet
    • Must be rolled in sections no longer than 4 ft. and no wider than 2 ft. in diameter
  • Furniture
    • Sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, box springs, etc.
  • Appliances
    • Stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, etc.
    • Limit two of each type of appliance per household
  • Electronics
    • NO Televisions or electronics.
    • NO computers or accessories
  • Building materials/construction debris
    • Must be in trash cans, boxes, etc. of such size and weight that they can be reasonably lifted by two average adults
    • Containers must be strong enough that they do not break apart while being lifted even if they are wet
    • Privacy fence sections must be cut in half or smaller manageable size
    • NO concrete blocks, bricks or steel poles

Items that will NOT be collected include:

  • Any trash that Republic Services would pick up as part of its regular residential waste collection contract
  • Televisions or electronics
  • Automobile parts
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Hazardous materials
  • Computers or accessories
  • Concrete blocks, bricks or steel poles

Heavy trash that does not meet these requirements will not be picked up.  If a customer has complied with all of the heavy trash collection requirements yet feels they were missed, they should call Republic Services at (812) 424-3345 within two days to report a possible missed pick-up.

Note that many items not collected through the city’s heavy trash pick-up can be properly disposed of through programs offered by the Vanderburgh County Solid Waste District, including Tire Amnesty Days, Electronics Recycling Days and Household Hazardous Waste Day (Tox Away Day). Additional information about these programs and upcoming program dates is available on the Solid Waste District’s section of the city website at or by calling (812) 436-7800.

CONTACT:   Edward Ziemer

Evansville Water & Sewer Utility

(812) 436-4512

Thank you to Ella Johnson-Watson, Director of Communications at Mayor Winneke’s office, for the information.




National Night Out 2017!


It’s almost time for National Night Out 2017! Tuesday , August 1st meet us at Wesselman Park from 6-8:30 PM for free food, games and fun! Local law enforcement will be on hand for safety demonstrations, as well as lots of local organizations with fun goodies and information. UNOE will be on hand with our new misting station to help keep you cool!

Hope to see you there!

Pokemon Go Is In Your Neighborhood!

Pokemon Go Op

Pokemon Go is a new app  that is taking the US by storm! Far from the days of collectible cards, this new smartphone game uses GPS technology to create an activity that combines old school Pokemon, Geocaching and Virtual Reality.  “Trainers” catch Pokemons with a Pokeball that appears in the app, and then take them to a “gym” to train, and then you are sorted into teams where you play to win!

pokemon squirtle

It’s all done on your phone so it’s not only portable, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to play sitting in front of a screen indoors. The only way to catch and train your Pokemon is to get out and walk in your community. The result? Kids and adults alike are out playing and getting into their neighborhoods in ways we haven’t seen since the days of stickball. Finally we have technology that gets the kids out of the house instead of in!

As much fun as everyone is having with the game Pokemon Go, it is important to stay safe and law-abiding.  So here’s some tips we’ve compiled for users and non-users to keep it fun for everyone.

1.No Trespassing!
The game programmers have included a lot of local businesses and landmarks in the game to get people out hunting. But these places are not always open for business, and it some cases have been inaccurately labeled as landmarks when they are actually private residences, such as this man whose church house has been inundated with players at all hours after POKEMON GO identified it as a “gym.”  Our own president, Chris Cooke, has had to deal with trespassing after dark at historic Oak Hill Cemetery. Please do not try to catch Pokemon after business hours, or trespass on private property. It’s not only an annoyance to residents and caretakers, but it can be dangerous as well.

Here’s a great post  from KISS 106.1 detailing when popular spots close.

2. Stay Safe on the Streets!
Keep your eyes off your game when you are crossing the street! A flat Pokemon Trainer is no good to anyone. And please don’t try to catch Pokemon’s when you are driving! Keep your phone put away and don’t get it back out until you have reach your designated location. Keep an eye on your children and set guidelines and boundaries for them so they stay close to home and don’t wander in where they are not allowed.

3. Don’t Panic!
This game brings people from all walks of life out into the greater community. You might see people you don’t know in your neighborhood and they might be acting strangely with their cell phones. Try to determine if they are just playing a game before you let your suspicions get the best of you.  If they aren’t damaging property or trespassing best not bother law enforcement.

4. Stay Aware!
In one instance, this game was used to target potential robbery victims. While this information should not be used to cause a panic and is likely not to happen again since the perps were caught quickly (what made it easy to target victims also made it easy for them to be caught) , it is good to be aware of your surroundings and play with caution.

It’s encouraging to see people getting out into their communities, getting exercise, fresh air and meeting new people! Every recreational activity carries an element of risk. So please have fun, use common sense, and please stay safe and respect your neighbors and businesses!

National Night Out!

National Night Out 2016

Once again it’s time to heighten the awareness of crime prevention and meet your neighbors and the police and firemen that help keep us safe.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT is designed to:
•Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
•Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs
•Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships
•Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back

If your organization would like to be involved call  (812) 435-6115 for more information! 

Star Party in University South!

Evansville neighborhoods are doing cool things! mitch lumen telescope

The University South Neighborhood Association will be hosting a Star Party featuring telescopic views of the the Moon and the planets, Jupiter, Saturn & Mars on Friday, July 8th from 8:30 – 9:45 p.m. Mitch Luman, science director at the Evansville Museum and University South neighborhood president, will set his telescope up on the the grass in Triangle Park where it should be dark enough to begin offering views around 8:45 p.m. There’s probably no larger telescope in Evansville, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to come out to take a look. Older children, ages 8 and above, suggested. Walking to the park is also encouraged as curbside parking is limited. Triangle Park is located at the intersections of Bayard Park Drive, SE Blvd and Englewood Ave. The rain date for the Star Party will be the evening of Monday, 7/11.

Is your neighborhood doing something cool? Email and tell us about it!





July 4th Evansville Do’s & Don’ts from Evv PD!

Fireworks Do's and Don'ts


Instructions from the Evansville Police Department regarding Evansville’s Independence Day celebration:

The City of Evansville is recognized as having one of the top Fourth of July fireworks displays in the Midwest. The 2016 event is co-sponsored by the Tri-State Area Ford Dealers and Tropicana Evansville, and coordinated by Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. Food booths featuring a variety of vendors will open at 6 p.m. along Riverside Drive. The fireworks show will begin at dusk, or approximately 9 p.m.

As the big event approaches and tens of thousands of people prepare to head to the riverfront to celebrate America’s 240th birthday, the Evansville Police Department wants everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we want the public to understand what can, and more importantly, what can’t be brought to the fireworks.  The following items are not allowed at the fireworks and those in possession of them will be asked to leave.  These items include:

  1. Animals / pets of any type
  2. Squirt guns of any type / water balloons
  3. Bicycles / scooters / skateboards / roller-blades
  4. Any items viewed as hazardous – Officer’s discretion


Backpacks, Coolers, etc. will also be subject to search.  Anyone who sees anything that appears out of place should immediately stop one of the uniformed officers working the event or immediately call 911.  If you see something, say something.


As progress continues on the Medical School and Downtown Hotel traffic in and out of the downtown will be slower this year.  Those attending the fireworks should plan accordingly and understand that getting home from the fireworks may take longer than normal.  Those that park in the public and private parking garages throughout the downtown must understand this even more so.  Expect long waits exiting parking structures in the downtown area.


Traffic control will be present along the Fulton Avenue corridor and at S.E. Riverside Drive and Cherry Street.  There will not be access from the Lloyd Expressway to Fulton Avenue during the fireworks exodus.  There will be access from Fulton to the Lloyd.  Expect long waits exiting parking structures in the downtown area.

Again, no fireworks of any sort are allowed at the Fourth of July Fireworks display on the riverfront. For those who will use fireworks at other locations please be careful and also be respectful of your neighbors and others by following the Evansville Municipal Code relating to the usage of fireworks. Attached below is the Municipal Code.

9.10.020 Fireworks – Evansville Municipal Code

(A) Consumer fireworks may be used within the corporate limits of the City of Evansville only under the provisions of this section.

(1) For the purposes of this section, the term “consumer fireworks” means a small firework that is designed primarily to produce visible effects by combustion, and that is required to comply with the construction, chemical composition, and labeling regulations promulgated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission under 16 CFR 1507. The term also includes some small devices designed to produce an audible effect, such as whistling devices, ground devices containing 50 milligrams or less of explosive composition, and aerial devices containing 130 milligrams or less of explosive composition. Propelling or expelling charges consisting of a mixture of charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate are not considered as designed to produce an audible effect. Consumer fireworks:

(a) Include:

(i) Aerial devices, which include sky rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopter or aerial spinners, roman candles, mines, and shells;

(ii) Ground audible devices, which include firecrackers, salutes, and chasers; and

(iii) Firework devices containing combinations of the effects described in subsections (A)(1)(a)(i) and (ii) of this section; and

(b) Do not include the following items:

(i) Dipped sticks or wire sparklers. However, total pyrotechnic composition may not exceed 100 grams per item. Devices containing chlorate or perchlorate salts may not exceed five grams in total composition per item.

(ii) Cylindrical fountains.

(iii) Cone fountains.

(iv) Illuminating torches

(v) Wheels.

(vi) Ground spinners.

(vii) Flitter sparklers.

(viii) Snakes or glow worms.

(ix) Trick noisemakers, which include:

  1. Party poppers.
  2. Booby traps.
  3. Snappers.
  4. Trick matches.

(x) Cigarette loads.

(xi) Auto burglar alarms.

(2) No person shall use, ignite or discharge consumer fireworks within the corporate limits of the City of Evansville except during the following times:

Here is a map of parking for the area:

July Fourth Parking Map


Thank you to Ella Johnson-Watson from the mayor’s office for the information!

Get Social with UNOE!

UNOE Social Networks

Now that we have media specialist Kate McKinney in the office, UNOE has expanded our social networks. In addition to our Facebook page you can now find us on:
Twitter @unoevansville
Instagram @unoevansville
Pinterest username: unoevv
and coming soon, Snapchat, Youtube and LinkedIn!

Please follow our accounts and interact with us so we can better serve you and your neighborhoods!

We encourage you to send us photos from your neighborhood, news and more for us to use on these networks. You can email, or tag us in your posts if you’d like us to share them! Please use hashtag unoevv and a hashtag representing your neighborhood name on Twitter and Instagram. Example: #unoevv #helfrich. We are eager to repost your photos!

Kate will also be contacting each Neighborhood Association individually so she can tour the neighborhoods and get to know them better, and fill our networks up with great news and photos from your area! You can email her at if you have any questions.


Regional Neighborhood Network Conference Theme Contest

RNNC Contest Collage

United Neighborhoods of Evansville is proud to announce that Evansville will be the host of the 2017 Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC). This conference is an annual 3-day event hosted by one of 22 Midwestern cities representing 5 states (OH, KY, TN, IN, IL). 400 people from more than 20 cities will be in attendance in our own hometown from October 5-7, 2017. Evansville last hosted this conference in 2003. UNOE, in cooperation with the Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD), is proud and excited to bring RNNC back to Evansville and show off how much our city has grown in the last fourteen years!

But we need your help! Every host city must come up with a theme for their conference. Past themes include:
Celebrating Success and Diversity
Doing Good in the Neighborhood
Reinventing Neighborhoods
Hats Off to Neighborhoods

What are some of Evansville’s positive attributes that we can share to improve the lives of our Midwest neighbors? How do we want our community to grow? These are some things to think about when considering a theme.

Email your ideas to  Contest ends Thursday, June 23, 2016. Winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card.

We look forward to your submissions!