About Us

What is UNOE?

United Neighborhoods of Evansville (UNOE) is a non-profit organization that currently consists of thirty-four member neighborhoods. UNOE works closely with agencies such as the Department of Urban Forestry, Parks Department, Department of Metropolitan Development, Tree Board, Area Plan, Operation City Beautiful, Code Enforcement, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, City Council, County Council and County Commissioners.

Mission Statement: Neighborhoods working together to preserve, enhance and promote the Evansville Neighborhoods.

Membership Benefits

* Natural forum for neighborhood development
* Strength in numbers
* Opportunity to be represented on City Neighborhood Committees
* Automatic access to City activities that affect your neighborhood
* Research, program ideas, & development
* A page for your neighborhood on the UNOE website
* Grant writing assistance
* Workshops and seminars
* New computer and work station for individual Neighborhood Association use (newsletter design, flyers, research, etc.)
* Technical assistance from the UNOE staff
* Instruction on the use of the computer for word processing
*Assistance with Neighborhood Association programs and projects
*Use of resource literacy on Neighborhood Association development
*Printing of your association newsletters at advance cost, use of our mailing services and bulk permit

Directions to the UNOE Office: UNOE is located on the 5th floor of the Hulman Building downtown, 20 NW Fourth Street, Suite 501, Evansville, IN. The building is located on the corner of Fourth Street and Sycamore in the same building as Evansville Commerce Bank.

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